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  • Window Tinting

When it comes to high quality Window Tint, there is Ziebart window tint and then there is everyone else!

With decades of experience in the automotive film industry, Ziebart is your number one choice for a professional window tint application that will leave your vehicle not only looking cool, but feeling cool and better than ever.

If you want a quality window tint experience that will not leave you regretting your decisions, we guarantee you, no bubbling, no cracking, no peeling, and no color change!


  • Rustproofing

Ziebart has been in the Rust protection business for more than 50 years, delivering a reliable, effective defense for vehicles against harmful elements on the road. The top choice for drivers worldwide, Ziebart rust protection helps your car stay protected and looking great, year-round.


Our specially designed and patented tools help our certified technicians apply coating where your car or truck needs it the most, including all of the hidden areas other service providers miss. This means your vehicle is completely protected from rust, with a national limited full repair warranty to support it.


After having your car treated with rust protection, you can bring your vehicle back to your Ziebart branch for annual renewal and reapplication service. This means your protection will be maintained with our latest, most effective formula – ensuring your vehicle looks its best with each passing year.


  • Paint protection

Paint Protection Coating

Once your vehicle is shining bright, the next step is locking in and protecting its brand new appearance with a long lasting protective paint coating. This protective coating also acts as a buffer between your paint and harmful ultra-violet rays that can impact the appearance of your vehicle.


Take Paint Protection To The Next Level


If you’re looking for an additional layer of protection for your vehicle’s appearance, Ziebart Diamond Gloss® provides the highest level of defense between your vehicle’s paint and harmful elements. Backed by our nationwide warranty, Diamond Gloss® locks in that perfect look and eliminates the need for wax.


  • Interior cleaning

Life can be hectic. Between the variety of spills that happen and general wear and tear, you may open your door one day and not recognize the vehicle in front of you. At Ziebart, we know what it takes to protect vehicles and keep them looking new. Our Inner-Guard® PLUS protection package is designed to maintain your car interior, ensuring that it looks its best for years to come.


An Efficient Combination


Inner-Guard® PLUS service is designed to provide a full complement of outstanding solutions to your vehicle all at once. Our Inner-Guard® PLUS service includes:


Ziebart Ultra Fabric Protection: an effective seal against unwanted staining that resists oil, grease, and a variety of liquids and makes cleaning up after a spill simple.


Ziebart Leather Conditioner: protects your vehicle’s leather surfaces from cracking or fading, ensuring its color and soft feel for up to six months.


Ziebart Germ Defender®: protects against a number of germs, bacteria and microbes that lead to illnesses such as Staph, E. Coli, Salmonella, H1N1 (Swine Flu), and more for up to three months.


Each of these products is dedicated to not only helping preserve your vehicle’s interior, but also provides a clean setting for you and your family with each drive.


The Best Protection In One Treatment


Our skilled technicians carefully apply all of these products to your car interior, coating even the hard-to-reach areas. In just one appointment, your vehicle will be protected from the harsh sun damage, germs, wear-and-tear and more. The Inner-Guard® PLUS package also includes an annually renewable discounted service agreement so you can keep your vehicle clean at an affordable price.


If you have questions about how Inner-Guard® PLUS can help keep your vehicle protected against life’s mishaps. Meet with a Ziebart professional today to go over all of the details.


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