Chassis measurement / inspection

Following a car accident, it’s possible that your vehicle’s frame/chassis has been damaged even if your car appears to be in good shape. Your frame helps to keep all of the passengers in your car safe after a collision. Because of this, if you see signs of damage, you’ll want to have repairs done sooner rather than later.


Chassis alignment is only performed before and after a structural repair is done on a vehicle. During the old days, minor accident repairs does not require any electronic measuring as it is too much hassle and is not necessary. Today with new materials build in vehicles, repairers no longer have the choice to choose what to measure and what not to measure. Even the slightest bump may cause the crumple zone to collapse, unless damages only to cosmetic parts. How extensive is the misalignment can never be measured by any naked eyes, not even an experienced body technician working for years can tell how much to pull in millimeters. However, the industry due to many factors is still far away from adhering the minimum requirement of having a documented chassis measurement before and after repair. Why is that? Body technicians are reluctant to change the way they repair a vehicle. They adopt repair methods that was pass down from their mentors during their apprenticeship and this continues to pass on further to their successors. Secondly, electronic measurement are not yet a standard repair procedure and the industry doesn’t recognize the effort.

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