To meet the growing demand for services, we aim to create strong bonds, and long lasting relationship with our customers by meeting and exceeding our customer expectations at every interactions. We strive to raise the bar for industry service as a whole and be our customer’s most trusted service provider.

We provide our customer with quality service at fair prices. The safety and comfort of out customers are our top priority and we ensure that you get the best value for money at all times.

At Car Bodyworx, we assist you with every aspect of car service. We offer complete service and maintenance support for all vehicles. Bringing your vehicle to Car Bodyworx ensures that it receives the required care and attention. It will also enhance the resale value. All our service support team at Car Bodyworx has been trained to provide excellent customer service.

We maintain full history of all the work carried out and parts used whenever you bring your vehicle to us for any service. If we do find any abnormality, we shall make use of genuine parts to fix the vehicle. All repairs done at our Service Center come with a six-month warranty, so that you can be sure your vehicle will perform at its best. Car Bodyworx also provides a maintenance turnaround time of one day.




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